Painting with an Electronic Paintbrush

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Electronic Paintbrush

A few days ago 7 year old Abzy built such a cool little invention, an electronic paintbrush for his art loving sister Yati. She is 5 years old and just loves to paint, if we leave her with a paintbrush and some paints, she’d be busy all day. 

It was really thoughtful of him to make such an interesting paintbrush for her (one of the rare times though) 

This activity is super fun, a bit messy and easy peasy so parents and kids do try this at home.  Ladies and Gentlemen this is Arts and Electronics fused for you.


Stuff You Need

  • A Paintbrush
  • DC Motor
  • DC Adaptor or a 9V Battery
  • Switch
  • Glue Gun
  • Soldering Gun


  1. To build the brush you need to separate the stick from ferrule (part of the paintbrush which has all the bristles attached to it).
  2. Paintbrush

  3. Pour some molten glue from the hot glue gun into the ferrule.
  4. Immediately insert the motor shaft in the ferrule will the glue is still in liquid form.
  5. Once dry make the battery connection to the motor. This step needs to be done by an adult or under supervision. Battery connector wires can be soldered to the motor connections. The connections can be done in the following manner to incorporate the switch as well.
    (Rotation direction can be altered by reserving the polarity)

NOTE: Abzy used electric tape for the connections and the extension cord already had a switch so he skipped this step to keep it super simple. But for safety we advise using a switch and a 9v battery for kids. 

Popsicle Car Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

Your Motorized Paintbrush is all ready for action now all you need are some poster paints and let your kids enjoy 🙂

Her Final Result

This is Yati’s final result after the activity. Do share your results with us, we would love to see.

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