Make a Popsicle House with your 5 year old

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Here is a quick easy activity for parents and their 5 year olds which kids would just love it. So let us make a popsicle house.

Since the last few days I had been super busy so my daughter wasn’t getting time with me. Naturally I could sense there was something not quite right. So I thought why not do some interesting activity together.

This activity would help kids to:

  • Bond with parents
  • Express their creativity
  • Work hands on

Estimated Time:

  • 50 mins – 90 mins

And so we begin…

DIY Popsicle House


We got out our colorful pack of popsicle sticks from our crafts stash. Next we found a flat broken piece of styrofoam sheet. We laid out everything on an used piece of white PVC board to avoid glue gun sticking all over our rugs.

Colorful Popsicle Sticks


We mutually decided to use purple sticks for the walls of the house and support them by pink popsicle sticks. Just line ’em up, put glue gun on the pink popsicle stick and paste them together all together. Super quick & easy,this makes our wall.

Popsicle Sticks Wall


Repeat to make all four walls the same way and stick them onto the thermopore sheet to make a square. Next comes our fence, this time we decided to use yellow. We cut the popsicle sticks into smaller pieces and stuck them all around the house to make our boundary wall.

Popsicle Cubical


Next we put glue gun on the top edge of the four walls and then pasted red popsicle sticks to complete our roof. Be sure to do this step quickly, glue gun dries very quickly.

Popsicle Fence

Important Info
We have other simple projects as well, try a DIY CAR with Popsicle Sticks


In the meanwhile we ran out of yellow sticks so she decided to use red ones for the remaining fence. Now we are pretty much done with the house and I told her that but somehow she wasn’t satisfied. 5 year olds want what they want ! So despite not having a brown popsicle stick or a brown marker we went ahead with a yellow/green combo to make a tree. Can you spot that? Oh and there is another yellow/green combo next to the house which is supposed to be a lamp post.

Popsicle House with Fence


Then she got her brother’s very old worn out playing mat and carefully placed our little house next to the road. And still we had something missing. Hmm what could it be?

Popsicle House on the Mat


Ahh yes, a Lamborghini. How else would we travel otherwise. 😀

DIY Popsicle House

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After this we got out some more cars, drove around the mat, some pretend play you know and that wraps it up.

So folks we are done for now. Try this out and let your children create whatever they want it would be a good bonding time to spend with your kids. You could also couple this with some learning activities and healthy discussions about so many topics with the kids.

Have fun…

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