How to Make a Simple Popsicle Car for Kids?

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Make a Popsicle Car

At 6 Year old kids can be amazingly creative which is when Abzy made this Popsicle Car. Did you ever hear this before a Popsicle car? It is made out of wooden popsicle sticks which can be easily obtained from any grocery store.

Younger kids can easily attempt this project at home.

Popsicle Car for Kids


Popsicle Car on Pebbles

Popsicle Car on Pebbles

(Read Safety guidelines at the bottom of the page before proceeding)

Here is all the material you would need to make your very own popsicle car. Component connections are all shown in the picture below.

Popsicle Car Architecture

Popsicle Car Architecture


  • 5 x Popsicle Sticks
  • Simple Switch
  • DC Motor with 2 Pre-attached wheels (salvaged from broken toys)*
  • Small Wires
  • Battery Connector
  • 9V Battery
  • 2 x Wheels


  1. Glue Gun needs to be used to connect all popsicles together to make a flat base which can be done by connecting them in parallel and using glue gun to stick them together
  2. Use Glue Gun to stick the Switch on the Flat Popsicle Base
  3. Again use the Glue gun to stick the Battery on the Flat Popsicle Base
  4. Take the wire and make connections between the battery, switch and the motor according to the following diagram
    Popsicle Car Circuit Diagram

    Popsicle Car Circuit Diagram

  5. Use a Soldering Iron to ensure the connections between wires, switch and the battery are strongly connected
  6. Experiment with the battery polarity to determine the direction in which the motor spins
  7. Turn on the switch and if you’ve made the connections correctly the car will Vroom !!!

Check out the cute lil circuit and car design hand drawn by him before he designed the project. <3

Popsicle Car Circuit drawn by a 6 year old

Popsicle Car Circuit drawn by Abzy

For a more advanced version of a project check out Abzy’s DIY Car Project which also got featured on Instructables website.

Soldering fumes are dangerous for health, use in a well ventilated room.

  • Always remember to use a face mask to cover your nose and mouth. This is a must to avoid inhaling harmful toxic fumes.
  • Use a fume extractor to assist in removal of harmful fumes. Interested? Learn how to make your own.

Kids must use shatterproof protective eye wear or Safety Goggles for additional protection. The soldering wire (tin) becomes liquid and can solidify very quickly there is a high chance it can fly off if into the eye if not handled properly.

An adult must supervise Kids. A soldering iron is very hot and can reach a temperature of 600F (315C).

Important Info
*If this is not available then you could use a simple DC Motor but will have to make a mechanism which turns the wheels.

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