How to make a Hovering Mini Drone?

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The Mini Drone

DIY Make a Hovering Mini Drone

Abzy wanted to make a drone he was constantly on my nerves to help him build one and insisted we go and buy stuff to make one. After much insisting I agreed but to only get him three coreless motors with propellers and the rest he would have to improvise. With this agreement we went to the electronics shop and bought the stuff, came back and he immediately got into our makerspace to dig into his drawers, containers and shelves.

And then I helped him finalize the following materials.

Mini Drone Materials

Mini Drone Materials


• 3 x Wooden Sticks
• Any Board (print board, etc)
• 3 x Coreless Motor 0720 7mmx20mm CW and CCW Pair3 x High Speed Fans
• 3 x Propeller Pairs 60mm for 0720 0820 8520 Coreless Motors
• Charging Jack
• 1 x Light weight 3.7v Portable Battery
• 1 x Switch


• Hot Glue Gun
• Soldering Iron


• NEVER USE a used medical syringe, they can be infectious and very harmful.
• Glue Gun can get very hot and parental guidance is advised.


This Project is suitable for children aged 8-10 years old.


  • He cut the wooden sticks in 3 equal sizes to make an equilateral triangle. This was to ensure the weight would be equal at all sides.
  • Mini Drone Triangular Base

    Mini Drone Triangular Base

  • Wooden sticks were placed in the shape of a triangle and the ends were fixed together using a Hot Glue Gun.
  • Mini Drone Base with PCB Board

    Mini Drone Base with PCB Board

  • He found an used low cost PCB board so he used fixed that in the center using the glue gun. This was rectangular in shape so there was some weight distribution issue.
  • Mini-Drone-breadboard

    Mini Drone with Fans on the breadboard

  • Abzy never had an idea making circuits on a breadboard so this was a good opportunity to teach him how to experiment with circuits on a breadboard. We made a series circuit and connected all the fans to a 3.7v Adaptor. The fans started spinning.
    CAUTION: Coreless Motors with attached Propellers spin very fast and can be dangerous for little children so caution is advised.
  • Mini-Drone-Battery-Jack


  • He then attached a jack with the battery for conventiantly charging the battery as shown and also attached a switch in the center.
  • Mini Drone Base with Fan

    Mini Drone Base with Fan

  • Then he attached the fans on all 3 corners of the wooden sticks and connected the circuit in series with the battery replicating what we did on the breadboard.
  • The Mini Drone

    The Mini Drone

  • He soldered all connections to ensure the connections were secure
  • I got the honor to turn on the switch.
  • Check out the video below for our hovering mini drone. At the time of making the video the battery wasn’t fully charged which is why the drone only hovers.

  • At the end of the project we found out we need to add a gyro and a flight controller to ensure the flying without a crash.
  • We needed to keep the weight as light as possible and a stronger battery to ensure the fans operate at maximum speed.
  • I am hoping that with the lessons learned he would make a better design in the next iteration.

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