About Us

Hey Everyone,

A little about us, we are parents of two lovely children who we homeschool, rather unschool. We stumbled upon this learning methodology. Initially we weren’t too sure but with time and the way our children responded we got hooked ever since. We are not educators or child psychologists by profession but just concerned parents (Computer Engineer Dad & a Doctor Mom) trying to instill the thirst for knowledge, good morals and ethics in our children so that they grow up to inspire, contribute and play a positive role in our world.

As we move on this journey we are here to share stuff we experience, learn and what our kids (Abzy and Yati – internet names of course) do. In a very short span of time they have done some pretty amazing projects which you can look up on this website. We also have our very own personal makerspace which is open for collaboration projects but by appointment only, you may contact us for further information.

We are also available on all major social media pages link available at the bottom of the page. So be sure to follow us there as well =)

Take care.